EliteIt4U developers. A few words from our team

There are many trading indicators and so there are many traders. Each trader searches for the proper one that is stable, accurate and relevant to their personal trading style. Though, it is a lucky chance when you get one. It is easy to get lost in a dozen of alternatives of market offers. Moreover, no one can be equally good at trends and flat, while traders tend to use the same one trusted indicator at all times.

So, the real Forex challenge is to get a nice trading instrument that is accurate, individual and kind of universal. It should be a Forex persona inside a trading tool, persona that will be your best friend. Like a trader. Like you.


op reasons to download SuperScalper2D

1. Multi-tasker

 Combination of universal and yet a very personal trading algorithm has been our top priority. What exactly do we offer within this concept is a personal multi task algorithm of this indicator. It works with the same algorithm in different market conditions with the equal success. It  is a smart auto adjustable pattern that switches sub-algorithms to the specific terms. Like our New Scalper 2D that works in both trading Dimensions.



2. Personal algorithm

There is no ideal indicator for everyone, but there can be a personal indicator just for you. Interested to check it out? Thatís simple. We offer a personal customization of our Scalper 2D Plus. We are sure that it will provide you with a fantastic individual experience of trading.

Moreover, it is already optimized specifically for each of major pairs. It is a multi-personal system for manual and auto scalping at M5-M15.



3. Second skin interface

 Scalper 2D Plus is amazing in its control. It has optimized set of features and intuitive interface. It is a very pleasant complement to its main advantage of accurate and stable signals. We are sure that you will enjoy trading with it as we modify and update every of our products according with preferences of traders. We follow your emails and take inspiration in your ideas. Scalping with us is really exciting!


MANUAL and AUTO. Both ways of trading with excellent signals

Trade manually or setup auto GoTrade!

When you install Super 2D Plus Scalper at any chart, it detects type of the pair and activates one of the sub-algorithms responsible for its pattern. It makes the system universal and pair-specific at the same time. This way, signals are not based on just some average values but are result of optimized sub-algorithm. Usually trends are rather short at scalping, so accurate signals are just a half of your success, another part is your fast reaction.



Screenshots. Real demonstration of quality

Whether you decide to go for manual signals or auto trading, Here are the latest signals:

EURJPY,M5: activity is really high. Great WINs range. Right?


EURUSD,M5: 6 wins signals - amazing activity & high WL


USDCAD,M15: we made small bars to show as much as possible! Just LATEST charts!


GBPUSD,M15: almost each signal brings good profit


EURUSD,M1: we made a special BONUS for M1 lovers. It's a new indicator, that gives fast signals. By showing 65 Pips we want to say - such profit exists on M1 too - but quite rare and it's better to catch 5-7 Pips by trade only... for bigger Pips - higher TF.


*Pips details, signals are highly depends on price quotes. Each broker is different, signals can be different a bit. If you have big difference - you can contact us - we will find solution. It's impossible to take peak profit on each signal. SuperMix shows possible peak profit.


Testing FEEDBACK, + 18% in 11 trades

FX SuperScalper 2D has been tested extensively by our team, by independent testers and even by some novices in order to see if it is easy and profitable in trading. Here is the example of some quick trading at M15.

That is a great result for a couple of days! Scalping is a reason why most traders manage to combine trading with other jobs and hobbies, you may devote to it just a few hours daily.


Another example, +7% in 6 trades

Our Scalper2D system is an excellent respond to the needs of part-time traders. It is simple enough in management so even a novice trader can handle it. And it is surely a must-have for professional traders since it offers multiple options in one set. Here is another example of simple growth of deposit:

We will be glad if you also share your trading results with us. So get your copy today and start your profit competition. If you are not fan of manual trading, feel free to use a special AutoTrade option...


AutoTrade option for automated scalping

Scalper2D Plus presents you with manual signals and with the option of auto trading its signals. We offer 3 types of auto trade. As you choose it, it activates specified settings with Stop Loss, Take Profit (auto calculated for the actual market) and trailing, break even, value for closing and so on.

GoAUTO: setup your signals into auto trades

We all know that such timeframes as M5-M15 require your constant trading attention and physical attachment to the computer. It is highly important to open an order almost instantly after the signal, otherwise you risk losing the main profit of a trade and entering the market a bit later. In our daily trading, every manual trader needs performing multiple steps after getting an alert. Imagine, you hear it, jump back to the terminal, open the chart, find and read the conditions and decide if to follow it. If yes, you place it, define and set Stop Loss and Take Profit. I doubt that you can do it really fast, while almost every second may take away trending pips. I canít. It made me think it over and create the unique, absolutely amazing feature of GoAUTO.

Only the 5 next signals will be automatically traded if it meets all condition. Please bear it in mind, it is not a robot, it will not trade following its signals, only the 5 next signals may be entered automatically. Once it will be triggered, the option will be reset. To enable it, just click it again. Now you may hit on GoAUTO and leave your PC, knowing that the next CONFIRMED signal will be automatically traded. And yet, it is not a robot that can go out of your control, but a reliable indicator. It represents a dream of all manual traders, you still rule over the market, but the process is automated.

New Auto trade is different from what we have made before. Now your can adjust it even more and setup its behavior. Decide if you need to auto trade all next 5 signals or just those that meet criteria of filters. There are 2 filters like trend filter and time filter.

If you enabled Trend Filter, next signals will be autotraded if it matches with the trend filter direction. Moreover, we also considered the possibility to have a trend filter delay, and optimized it to consider trend filter for a while after the signal appeared. If trend filter changes direction and matches with the latest signals within specific period of time, this signal will be also autotraded. It helps to keep potential profitable trades, that otherwise are lost due to the delay of confirmation.



To increase Win/Loss ratio even more you can combine both options and enable trend filter and time filter. Time filter watches active time session and allow trading only those signals that are within the specific period of time. Any option can be used separately or in combo with another.

FX SuperScalper2D has open customizable settings for manual trading and the special feature of auto trading. So, yes, still being an indicator, you can use its signals for auto trading as well.




Open Win Loss statistics. Trusted signals.


We are among those developers that trade with our own products and show all statistics to users in real time mode. The only way to do it is to open such statistics in the system itself. It is a brand-new option that has become our unique signature feature. And we are going to keep it open.

All of our products, including SuperScalper2DPlus show its own profit statistics. It is calculated by MetaTrader4 based on entries, drawdown and pips info. It is 100% honest statistics that is available to all users. Win/Loss shows percent of wins for latest 30 signals. The signal is considered to be profitable if it reaches about 8 pips of profit (7-10 pips depending on timeframe). We believe that it is pretty good profit target for a scalping system.


SuperScalper2Plus has a new advanced set of options like FILTER and TIME of trading. These options directly increase the profitability of scalper since you may have quite a big amount of trades within a couple of hours, and surely we added these parameters into calculation of Win/Loss ratio.

Options look simple but they gain extra advantage in combination with Win/Loss open statistics. It helps evaluating win profit of signals with enabled or disabled filter option, win profit at different time of trading.


Win/Loss of TREND filtered signals

 Win/Loss calculated based on filtered signals considers only those signals that match with the trend filter. It is handy if you prefer trading along with this Filter option. Though, there is a variation. If there is a sell signal, and filter says it is a buy time, but soon changes to a sell time, this SELL signal will be evaluated as valid and calculated for profit statistics.


Win/Loss of TIME filtered signals

This style of trading helps to filter those signals that appear out of active session. It helps to stick to active market session and avoid false signals and slow trading hours. Each trading pair has its own peak time that it is better to follow. So this option help to calculate only those signals that appear within market session.


Our motto is no disillusions for traders. You should get what you expect. And if anything is not quite to your needs, we will try our best in improving it. It is a fantastic bonus to the quality of our products, isnít it? It is a super algorithm of powerful strategies in one. Each strategy is auto applied to its pair and is optimized with optimal settings. Do we need to add any other comments? Open statistics is the most honest approach to you. So here are more signals to verify the accuracy of system.



Perfect simplicity and perfect Win/Loss

Note that we canít simulate any results here and you get absolutely honest statistics. MetaTrader4 gets signals, reads peak profit and do its calculations. We do treat our traders with respect and hope that you will enjoy this feature and appreciate our honest trading approach. Moreover, we recommend using Win Ratio as extra filter. If it gets lower 70%, please do not trade as it indicators bad market times. Please wait until it gets to at least 80%.

USDCAD,M5: false signals exist... but high activity and good WL is the main feature!


USDCHF,M15: even on slow Market - possible to gain


GBPUSD,M5: just look at this powerful wins range and activity on M5


EURGBP,M15: looks amazing and just latest charts... real picture.


USDJPY,M5: small bars to show you as much as possible on latest chart.

Screenshots show signals of manual algorithm. If you need, you may setup auto trading by signals, set Stop Loss and Take Profit levels to be applied automatically and much more.

*Pips details, signals are highly depends on price quotes. Each broker is different, signals can be different a bit. If you have big difference - you can contact us - we will find solution. It's impossible to take peak profit on each signal. SuperMix shows possible peak profit.



Forex trading is concentrated about trend. Trend is not a myth; it is a real core of any trading algorithm. Catching a trend early is a guarantee of successful trading.  Now, letís reverse this rule.

You need fast and multiple profits while scalping at low timeframes. Scalping trend is a micro trend, sometimes these are multiple micro trends in the same direction. So, instead of catching a small and fast movement of price, we are better in seeing the direction. FX SuperScalper 2D Plus works with such entries and ensures accurate trading points. Entry point is what really matters. After that we may even enter twice within a micro trend.



S2DPlus ALGORITHM is active. It produces multiple signals with the expected profit target of 10 pips per trade. S2D is not focused on following each micro trend while scalping, it catches the main scalping direction and gives best entries.


Trading with SuperScalper 2D requires rather low SL and TP. It is designed for fast multiple trades with small profits. If you are for bigger profits, please consider H1-H4 trading, not scalping.


Super2DPLUS FILTRATION is a safety option that combines different variations of your trading. It means that you may trade following or ignoring extra filters, and moreover add it up to auto trading so auto trades will be also filtered before triggered.

SuperScalper2D offers everything to make scalping easy. Manual or auto trading. Manual or auto calculated SL and TP values. Options of filters and Win/Loss statistics.

S2D Plus Scalper offers a new type of trading that is closely integrated with instant market monitoring and fast trend calculations. It shows statistics in real time mode to check win loss, filters and average accuracy. It helps to select best trading hours and skip trading at flat.

Summary of advantages

  S2D Plus algorithm, M5-M15, all major pairs
  Manual mode: signals, alerts, no repainting
  NEW Open WIN LOSS statistics with filters
  Trend filter and Time filter
  AutoMODE to trade signals automatically
  NEW SL and TP by MarketClick option
  NEW AutoLot compensation feature
  Pin and hide flexible interface
   BONUS Extra M1 set for FREE
   BONUS Personal update for free

NEW BONUS feature. AutoLotCompensation with Multi-Lot feature.

It means that if you need it, the system will auto adjust Lot size (just once after activation) in case there is a loss. When there is a signal, and it corresponds with all your requirements (filtered or no, etc) an auto trade is triggered. SL and TP are also set by the system. If it loses, system automatically doubles Lot size for the next opposite trade to compensate it. It is not a grid or martingale system, but a single one time compensation option.

To sum up, numerous innovations integrated inside Scalper 2D makes a real SuperScalper with vip options available right after downloading. There is no similar system on the market with the safe features, options and flexible interface. Plus, we do provide a personal support.




EURGBP,M5: great signals accuracy + amazing WL


AUDUSD,M5: just few false signals on amazing range.


GBPUSD,M1: active M1 as bonus indicator - for real scalping lovers

*Pips details, signals are highly depends on price quotes. Each broker is different, signals can be different a bit. If you have big difference - you can contact us - we will find solution. It's impossible to take peak profit on each signal. SuperMix shows possible peak profit.



VIP after sale support. Personal modification

Personal trading system for the price of a standard product. There are multiple offers at the market but how many of them are truly personal? While we searched forex forum for inspiration and talked with our fellow traders, we got lots of requests for personal programming. Lots of traders are searching for individual trading solutions but IT-developing costs up to $1000. While we offer a free personal modification of our systems to all active users for FREE.





Scalper2D system can be operated as a manual indicator. In this mode it produces signals and gives alerts. You may follow them as you decide. To make it simple and comfortable we added a Go-Trade feature. When you command to auto trade next 5 signals, it opens a relevant order, modifies it with Stop Loss and Take Profit and follows it until it is closed. It represents a dream of all manual traders, you still rule over the market, but the process is automated. And fully auto trading is also available.


Algorithm is based on a special adaptable core with self-adaptable parameters. So when you apply it to any of major pairs you may be sure that we use optimized settings, not just the average fixed values. In addition you get trend and time filters. There are NO TRICKS. If you trade in a manual mode and follow its signals, you can be sure that it doesn't repaint. We do not simulate results, we do not hide statistics. Win Loss statistics is also open to you.





We guarantee that signals do not repaint. All signals stay at a chart after your restart your terminal. This way we guarantee the transparency of signals.

We do not imitate better quality and show true accuracy. Besides, at any time you can check all data available at your chart. You will have Wins/Loss info open to you.


We also integrated all possible variations of alerts from sound alarm to email.

#1 Pop up message with the sound alert
#2 Email notification
#3 Push notifications at your mobile phone
 if it supports it.

P.S. Personal approach is also a guarantee we provide. We do not just sell. We trade and we listen to your requests and we RESPOND. We do not do mass-market tools, we create personal ELITE products.




FX SuperScalper2D Plus is multi exclusive. It is ideal for manual or auto trading. It is simple to install and operate.  If you ever considered trading, it is the right time to start.

Free Bonuses with VIP Update and M1 SET are included!

Time limited SALE. Price is discounted Today.

Instant download with files for installation
One-time secure payment
Personal support

If for any reason you fail to download it after purchase, just send an email to our support and we will send it to you by email within less than 12 hours



Need Help? Contact us:

Why should I choose it over anything else?
It is a system, which is allow you to use it as manual or auto style. Also, you get  awesome bonuses.

What would I need to start trading? What are the main requirements?
Youíll need MetaTrader4 from any broker and a reliable internet connection. The system has been designed for all currency pairs, M5-M15 Time Frames.

Whatís the minimum size of the deposit required for safe trading with this system?
$100. It works with 0.01 lot size. Be careful with lots always. Sure, you can use even less amount, but risks will be higher.

Can you guarantee that I WILL make money using your products?
No one can ever give such a guarantee. However, we are more than certain, that you will be pleasantly surprised to know, that on average the sheer number of successful (profitable) transactions is between 75-85%. Personal updates allow you to get the system as you expected.

How do I get the software?
Instant download. If you don't get it - we will send it by email.

Do you plan to upgrade the pack? How can I receive it?
Yes, if we update it, you will receive all upgrades for free by email. You can ask for update by email if feel that missed it or something goes wrong.

Can I change Take Profit and Stop Loss and other settings?
Yes, you have such option. The settings are left open for you. Even more, each TF needs own SL/TP levels. Set it for your own style.

Can I open/close the orders manually?
Yes, sure. You can open/close it. It doesn't affect to trading. You can combine manual & auto trading at the same time.



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